My Monkeys, My Circus

There’s an old Polish saying that everyone has heard before, “Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus,” it is a suitable saying for those trapped in a situation they have no control over, but someone, somewhere owns those monkeys, and it’s definitely someone’s circus travelling that dusty road. Yesterday after picking scrap lumber with my co-conspirator for our next painting and decorating project I felt so tired I went to bed and slept for 12 hours, but now, as the hairy queen with the broken heel once said, “the show must go.” Now where are my monkeys?Twin-Creek-Combine-pt-2-Poster-(V-Megan)Web

We’re almost at the 2 week push for our next concert. The Twin Creek Combine which we started last year on a bit of a whim and a dare, but we pulled it off and had a great response. The success of that first small show led to our attempt at putting on a much bigger concert, The Washhole Jam, which was also a resounding success. It was the most complex, and by far the largest event I’ve ever been involved in, and we’re so proud that the artists, and attendees all had nothing but good things to say about the show and the grounds, an oak grove in a small park, which we decorated with hand made signs and goofy ephemera.

There’s great essay from Simone Lipscomb that sums up the night in a quite poetic fashion.

I opened my eyes and looked into the velvet, night sky and saw stars and planets and I heard the words, music of the spheres. It was as if harmony was raining down like stardust on all who gathered, both human and non-human. There was an undeniable unity I saw in my mind’s eye and felt deeply.

And then there’s this: Johnny Cole from Southland Music Line covered the Jam with photos by Stephen Anderson, this is by far the funniest, and…, well…, go read the article!ws88

Anyway, we’re working on the next one right now. The Twin Creek Combine is sorta the opposite of what we did with the Washhole Jam. It is entirely D.I.Y.; homemade stage, rigged junk lighting, handmade decoration, and Indy bands. Hopefully in the future we can keep making this show small scale, and on the cheap so we can offer it as a free concert in the series for Brewton. If you want to donate or sponsor us in our attempts to bring great FREE entertainment to Brewton, AL please email me at and I will send you a donor information letter.

I look forward to seeing you in our lovely park for music and merry making, if you are new to Brewton, ask around and come shake my hand, or give me a hug, cause this work is exhausting and I only do it cause I love y’all!

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