Invitation for Spring Through Paddle on Escambia Waterways

IMG_20140614_161233It’s a deep freeze out there and where has my mind wandered, the water! I’m dreaming once again of river hiking. Last year I tried to drum up support for a trip from Brewton, AL to Bass Hole & Escambia Bays at Pensacola. As usual, there were a lot of cheerleaders on social media but no takers. I had a group of adult Scouts show some interest, though as the months slipped by there was little follow through. Up at the shop a guy inquired about trips so we got to talking about the passability of the route. He mentioned the Little Escambia’s epic log jam (gps coordinates 30.998539, -87.175373) which is due to change the whole nature of the waterway or turn the southwest corner of Escambia, AL into a giant freshwater swamp, but that’s not the route I proposed. I’ve mapped Murder Creek to the Conecuh River to the Big Escambia, (not the “Little Escambia” which is a tributary around Flomaton, AL/Century, FL.) The C and E rivers both look passable with multiple public boat launches along the way so finding land owners and getting permits isn’t necessarily required, though it would be cooler to be “out there” for the duration of the trip. All this makes the route not only passable but fairly no fuss. It is a trip I could make alone, with vehicle staging at the exits points for each day of the plan. So this is the year I’ll do it. Before the paddling season opens I’m gonna pack up and make the 3 or 4 day trip to the coast. You can see the route here.

IMG_20140614_154738There are so many exceptional trips in the state. Alabama has over 77,000 miles of rivers and streams. Why aren’t we out on those rivers all the time? Seems like the rivers are mainly reserved for people who want to get wasted and throw beer cans on the beaches. Well I want to change that, at least in my little corner. We have more freshwater biodiversity than any other US state in the Union. Our rivers are among the most biologically diverse waterways in the world. With trips like this one, I’d like to highlight these resources for the gift they are. We should protect them, enjoy them, and use them to their benefit.IMG_20140702_194724

If you’re interested in joining me on a trip this spring please let me know. Call me at Low Country Adventures, 251-236-5478, email me at, or you can reply in the comments. This opportunity is open to people from the neighborhood, as well as any avid adventurer who may want to come down, or up and see what our little North American Amazon has to offer.IMG_20140614_161245


  1. I’ll be going on this trip with you. Several of my friends from the Saraland area are also planning to go. Can’t wait for the trip and look forward to updates! Peace, Jodie Herrin

  2. Hey James! How’s the planning going for the Spring trip? Some of us are wondering if you might give us some ideas about what to bring for this trip. We are getting ready and can’t wait!

  3. Charlene from Saraland here. How are things going? This will be my first big kayak and camp trip. I really would like some helpful hints. I have been doing research on line, but would like to hear from you too. Any ideas on daily schedules? How much time daily on water or down time? Thanks for any help and information.

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