May To the Bay River Trek, A Few Brief Facts

ConecuhOur event is in early planning but we now have firm dates set for May 1-4. We’ll put in from the City of Brewton on Murder Creek to the Conecuh River which becomes Big Escambia just south of Century eventually flowing into Escambia Bay at Pace/Pensacola.

Some brief facts on our route: The Conecuh south of Brewton is about 12 ft deep. The river has an extreme variance of widths from >400+ ft to as narrow as <150ft. The bed is predominately silt sand with occasional snags but mostly free of debris all the way to the coast. Murder Creek, where we begin, is shallow water so some porting may be necessary but we’ll only be on the M approx 3.5 miles. When it converges with the much larger Conecuh River through to the Bay we can expect very few portages if any. Escambia Bay is a sheltered arm of the Bay of Pensacola so even in inclement weather only produces a light to medium chop, we will be sticking close to the marsh shoreline north and east around the bay until we reach FloridaTown Pier. 

Hydrological data: Conecuh River at Hwy 41 station near Brewton records flood stage at 27 feet. The mean monthly gage height for April from 99-2013 is 14.53 ft, May is 11.82 ft. Neither is within low-flow parameters, but still well below flood stage. (The lowest mean levels for Conecuh are Sept-Nov.) At the April/May height we should have good current so can plan for a not overly exerting rate of 3-4 miles per hour. Based on this rate we plan to paddle approx. 15-20 miles/day. Campsite plans will be based on this rate. If you’re interested in learning more about the river’s hydrological stats you can visit the USGS here.

If you’re interested in taking part in this river trek or would like further information email me at, or call 251-236-5478.


    • I’m so happy! I have received emails from several of your group and will respind soon. I am just getting caught up after the ag. conference I went to. But rest assured the plans are coming together. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It’s going to be an epic paddle!

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