Madrone Trail Off The Marker

I just hiked Madrone Trail, on Canyon Lake, in the Texas hill country. It’s March 14, 2015 and it’s in the mid 70s here and the skies are full of sun and big fluffy clouds.

The trail is in the middle of Canyon Lake, a Corps of Engineers project, meandering over two low promintories on the lakeside. The trails are very poorly marked but very well maintained. Most of the course is also free of litter, a surprise for such a centrally located system surrounded as it is by developement. Anyway the cedar, scrub oak, pin oak, air plants, and cactus are plentiful and the air is clean.

When I left the trail the parking lot was full, but I only saw one couple for the close to three hours I spent out there. The trail is 7.6 miles long. Flat hardpacked sand with some stretchs of rock strewn trail. No major elevations, and no scrambles. Very easy in my book.

I thought about Chris McCandless while I was out there, I reread Into the Wild recently, at every summit I found I was staring across the lake at a road, a mansion, or condos. It’s an shame that we only have these small patches of nature as islands to row towards. Anyway, very nice trail.






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