May To the Bay: Reading For Spring Paddling

I visited the Alabama Scenic River Trail meeting a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been working on the spring garden,  gathering my thoughts, and sorting through all my gear trying to prepare for the May To the Bay float this May 1st through 4th.

I am currently in central Texas, determined to paddle a river somewhere around here, but it seems as though drought and dams have all the rivers dried up. A lot of our fellow Alabaman’s have no idea how lucky we are to have the waterways we do. I’m always up for a good backcountry hike though so lace up the boots I shall.

I’m sure that some of you have decided that this May trip has fallen overboard, but not so, there was just a lot of other life stuff to take care of, ailing parent, farm work, jobs etc., but I would bore you silly with such stories. So sufficed to say there is still plenty of time for preparation for our spring voyage.

Right now I’m waiting on the owner of the operation tasked with clearing a logjam from the Escambia River to get back to me with a status report. The logjam is just outside Molino, at 368 ft it sounds pretty rough to navigate so if there has been no progress on clearing we will have to port vessels by truck aroun the jam. I will post some video of the jam provided by a group of paddles that traversed it in 2014.

The dates are still May 1st-4th and as we get closer I will send you all registration info and other special information. Thanks for your patience.

See You On the River!

James Chris Fields
Low Country Adventures

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