For Through-Paddler’s, History Is Thicker Than Mud


Portaging may be the bane of a lazy summer float down the local creek, but for the through-paddler it serve as reminder of just how close we are to that thing we’re seeking. If we have eyes to see, through the horsefly bites and the soggy sore feet, there in the distance we may find something ancient.

Check out this article from CanoeRoots then read below to find out how you can test your mettle:

Why the portage, and not the river connects canoeists to the past

When you’re thigh-deep in muck on some godforsaken height of land, most paddlers would agree that portaging is right up there with toxic sea food and celibacy on their list of least favorite things. That is, until you stop to ponder who might have walked the same trail. It’s there that the magic of carrying your gear through bogs and over steeps from coast to coast to coast lies.

There’s still time to join us on our May To the Bay river trek. We’ll be paddling from Brewton, AL to Bass Hole & Escambia Bays at Pensacola from May 1st – 4th. To find out more please email me here.


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