Alabama, We Are Outdoor People!

Remember those long summer afternoons, barefoot on the lawn, or booted up in the steaming woods poking under old logs with a stick? If you grew up in Alabama chances are you grew up outside. We have pine barrens, cane breaks, rivers, creeks, swamps, lakes, ponds, mountains, hills, beaches, and marshlands. According to the 2010 census a full half of Alabama’s population lives in rural areas or small towns, which puts us in a unique position to understand the importance of our great outdoors to the culture, entertainment, economy, and pride of all Alabama’s folks. Because of this great love of the outdoors we have an amazing State Park system that most Alabamans cherish and hold with great pride, but now because of political wrangling our Alabama State Govt. is threatening to close 11 of our magnificent parks. These are the parks at risk:

  • Roland Cooper
  • Lakepoint
  • Florala
  • Blue Springs
  • Rickwood Caverns
  • Cheaha
  • Lake Lurleen
  • DeSoto
  • Guntersville
  • Joe Wheeler
  • Frank Jackson

Here’s an interview with Alabama State Parks Director Greg Lein about the threatened closings. And here’s the contact information for your Alabama House members, and a list or your State Senate members. If you love the outdoors like I do I urge you to make a call this week. The first closings will begin May 1st, 2015.

Now, since the sun is back out and the air is steaming up, let’s get out there and do what we do best. Lets be Outdoor People!

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