Pardon My Outdoor-Nerd Fit! E.O. Wilson, Harvard University Prof. Emeritus Is Coming To Brewton!

E.O. Wilson, without a doubt one of Brewton’s brightest lights, will be joining us for the dedication of our newest park named in his honor. The ceremony will take place on June 14th at 2 pm hosted by Mayor Yank Lovelace and members of the Brewton City Council and Brewton’s Chamber of Commerce. Professor Wilson and community facilitators will conduct walking tours on the half hour throughout the afternoon at the new E.O. Wilson Nature Adventure Park (the old CCCCamp.)

Mr. Wilson spent time in grade school in Brewton, AL attending T.R.Miller High-school. As an active participant in Scouting, Brewton’s humid, subtropical wildness in all its diversity captivated, and held him in thrall throughout his life. His memoir, The Naturalist, chronicles his time in Brewton, his fondness for amphibians and insects and his journey from adventurous, solitary child to globe-trotting biologist. A review on the Guardian website by Tim Radford sums up this must read better than I can.

” …an enchanted childhood enriched by a passion for the fauna of the old American South, and then – only notionally – impoverished by the loss of an eye to a spine from a poisonous little fish; by a grateful experience of ramrod military education; by compulsive achievement in the Boy Scout movement; by a sincere investment in the hymns and passions of the Southern Baptist Church; and by an old-fashioned Tom Sawyer faith in the ideals of honour, duty, courage and standing up to bullies.

The story could as easily have been an exculpation of failure: a sorry chronicle of a lonely boy, child of divorced parents, son of an ultimately suicidal depressive alcoholic, farmed out to strangers, bullied at school, left to his own devices, allowed to play with guns and knives, dragged from town to town and school to school, increasingly obsessed with insects, snakes and amphibians.”

Read more here. The Brewton Public Library has a copy of this great small book, I suggest you read it then put it in the hands of any budding young scientist you might know.

Please join us in welcoming Professor Wilson to Brewton by coming to these very special events. Dedication ceremony starts at 2 p.m. with walking tours planned, wildlife exhibits, plant identification experts and much more. The park is located near the intersection of U.S. 31 and College Drive, just behind Arby’s. There is no admission charge.

For more information, contact the City of Brewton at (251) 809-1777.

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