Let’s All Do GREAT Things This Summer!

What a May! It started out with the first annual May to the Bay trek which was a shining moment for all who participated. It proved to many of us that we can overcome regardless of what that insidious voice in our heads tells us! We all are capable of GREAT things! We are each amazing beings with extraordinary capacities!

Group Celebration shot

When I went to Livingston Alabama to attend the Empowering Local Citizens Through Opportunities In Outdoor Recreation conference I had no idea that my season would be taking off as soon as I got back! I’ve had a lot of people on the water this weekend, some new friends, and some faithful from the beginning. I’m excited to be hosting my first private kayaking and 101 watercraft lesson for a group tomorrow too! On top of that I’ve been planning our first overnight of the year, a trip from Brooklyn, AL on the Sepulga River to Riverview, AL on the Conecuh River. You still have time to register but it’s filling up fast. If you wanna go shoot me an email at jameschrisfields@yahoo.com and put #B2B2015 in the subject line. Or you can give me a call at 251-236-5478. This is gonna be a great year for us and for Brewton, AL!

I’d like to thank all the people who’ve lent such support to me over these past couple years, and hope that this year will be the best yet for all Brewton’s Outdoor Industries. Next Monday we will begin work on the murals on the outfitter shop and we will be open for walk-ups starting that very same day.


When I dropped people off yesterday at the Kirkland Road boat launch on Murder Creek, there beside the water were tires, plastic bags, beer bottles, and a molding discarded couch. I was ashamed, but it reminded me of this church I found while driving to Livingston. Off a curve on Highway 28 an old church sits silent in a wasteland. The church was obviously abandoned long ago. It is now a testament that NEGLECT is often the worst harm we people can do. Still, after many years of that neglect it stands and proudly declares, there is no mistaking its voice, “I WAS and AM a House of God!” I pray that this year and all the coming years I can help to honor our heritage through caring and conscientious use of the Creation we’ve been given. Our waterways and forests need our help too! Lets not be a perpetrator of callous neglect.


Let’s all do GREAT things this summer! I’ll See You On The Water!

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